Monday, February 7, 2011

Lunch Fest with My Men!

When was the last time you were in Paseo at Mandarin Oriental?

Mine was last Saturday when I took AG and Daddy-O out for lunch. It was such a great idea to have lunch here because I saw what Manang was cooking. (gulp)

Even before sitting down, my Dad was already getting his favorite dish...OYSTERS! He must have had 2 dozens on his own. He also had the shrimps, sashimi and a steak! Are those good for him? Anyway, he enjoyed it immensely.

I went straight to the lamp shoulder, duck breast with mango, assorted sashimi and bulgogi.

AG went for his usual sweet and sour chicken, beef stew, grilled skewers and assorted cheese.

At the end of our one hour eating session, stuffed as we were, we rolled into the poolside to get some fresh air. The weather was wonderful.

Great food, great service and great company. Only thing missing was my Mom.

The desserts were ok. Of course, we love our own. Nothing beats AG's dessert and I really don't think I am being biased about it.

I love it when the chocolate syrup gets hard on top of my ice cream. The trick is, don't get the chocolate sauce for the crepes, get the one that is coming from the fountain!

In Paseo, they have the white and dark chocolate fountain in one machine! How cool is that?

Paseo, Mandarin Oriental
7508888 local

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