Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tessa's Own Chinatown!

I am a newbie. Apparently, this Chinese New Year celebration is a yearly party at Tessa Valdes' house. This year, I got invited and I was thrilled to finally be able to wear my cheongsam that I had made when I went to Shanghai nearly 6 years ago. I never got to wear it, not even once, until last night.

A short story...

I asked Dennis L. if he could pick me up at the Pen. While waiting, I was putting on my fierce black eyeliner from Stilla called Smudge Pot which I totally cannot live without anymore.

Because I didn't want to inconvenience Dennis by waiting for me, I went out to the driveway to wait for him there.

So, I waited....and waited....and waited...until I see 2 Aussies hailing a cab...one got in and the other went back to me and asked me, "Do you want a ride? We can take you to your destination." I said, "Oh no, I am waiting for my ride, thanks." He said, "Are you sure? It would be no problem." I repeated, "No thanks!"

Siyempre hindi ko pwedeng sabihin sa Ingles na ang gwapo nung lalaki dahil binabasa ito ng jowa ko!

I called Dennis, "Are you going to be much longer because if so, then I will go inside the lobby." He said yes.

I sat down by the couch, tweeting about how I got picked up! #mayasimpa

A waitress came to me and said, "There's a man over there that wants to buy you a drink. What should I say?"

I said, "NO WAY, tell him whatever."

Siyempre NO WAY dahil ang panget niya!!

And finally Dennis arrived and I felt safe again.

Moral of the story....WHITE MEN like CHICKS in CHEONGSAM!! #misssaigonmuch

Going back, when I arrived at Tessa's, her house was filled with everything Kung Hei Fat Choi-ish!! It was delightful because it was almost all red and you know how I love the color.

Dennis and I went straight to the Mongolian BBQ set up!

I went around the house and Tessa told us to go upstairs and make a wish by lighting a lantern. I lit mine, but I was so excited that I forgot to make a wish. DARN!!! My lantern sorta went zigzag and hit the wall and I quickly escaped just in case I started a fire next door.

After eating, the games began. There were contests of all sorts with a gazillion prizes waiting to be given out. Now, I have to tell you, these contests were the best!! I mean, Tessa would call up contestants...she would announce the rules, the people would follow and at the end of it all, she didn't care who won or lost because everyone got the same prizes! She would even say, go over there and get what you want and people would just get as much as they could. No problems.

Now, I have a feeling Tessa doesn't know me really well yet because since this is my first time, I was behaving and shy. But if she asks me to go next year, I wouldn't be so shy anymore, enter the contests and whether I win or lose, I will totally clean out the prizes corner in one sweep. #freeloader

Here are the beautiful people of the night.

The countdown was done by Tim Yap and confetti was shot up thru the air and I could feel the Chinese blessing and luck surround me. I felt that more good things will come my way this year!

So thank you Tessa for a wonderful evening!! Next year, I am bringing a van for all the loot I am taking home. Bwahahahaha! (majorly evil laugh)

P.S. Isn't this the cutest?


The Everyday Man said...

Haha this really made my day. It was so funny.

Tessa said...

OMG!!! Candy... what a wonderful feature! Thanks for the super photos and the cute cute comments! You forgot to showcase your sobrang gandang Chinois-inspired earrings! Love it!!! Will check them out nga in your shop!
You also don't know me well... I save loot bags and prizes for the shy looters so I will send you soon! Til our next party!

freetiLORA said...

Siyempre hindi ko pwedeng sabihin sa Ingles na ang gwapo nung lalaki dahil binabasa ito ng jowa ko!
-gusto ko tong line na toh! haha..

twolawyers said...

Chinese = cheongsam
Vietnam = ao dai
Joel = GN