Monday, February 7, 2011

My Janet Jackson Moment.

Mike - Hi Candy! I got 4 tickets to Janet Jackson's concert. Do you want one of them?
Me - Hmmm...gosh, it's so pricey, I really have to think about it first. Where's the seat located? You know, when I watch concerts, I always choose the nearest seat to the stage. #yabang
Mike - Well, I got the most expensive tickets and I chose I, Center, aisle. Is that ok for you?
Me - Wow, that sounds really good. It's going to hurt my pocket but...FINE!! Count me in!!

Later that day, in Facebook chat....

Mike - Hi Candy, it's me again. I got the tickets already so it is good to go!
Me - Ok great!!! Let me know when we will meet up so I can pay you.
Mike - What? must have misunderstood me...When I asked you if you wanted the ticket, I meant it as a gift! I am not expecting payment!!
Me - NO EFFING WAAAAYYY!!! Are you kidding me? Are you serious? Are you pulling my leg?? #faintwithjoy

And so cutting the long story short. There we were, right smack in the front where we can almost get splattered with the dripping sweat from Janet Jackson and her dancers.

I just can't believe my luck. First the Valentino shoes, then Louboutin and now this...all within 1 week.

To Mike, thank you so much for this wonderful gift of seeing Janet Jackson's cleavage upclose. Her songs and dance moves are secondary to me. BWA HA HA HA!!!! I am kidding....

So let's break it down to pieces shall we?

The Outfits.

#1 - I like this one. She enjoys showing off her cleavage just as much as I do! #BFFMoment
#2 - Hmmm...I am sure she could have done better than this.

#3 She does love her bling bling shoulder pads but this is way better than #2.
#4 Her last outfit was this white ensemble. I like it! Especially since all her dancers and band were in white. It looked uber cool!
#5 This was actually her 2nd outfit change. Now, I don't know about you but I am not loving the color of this light lavender on someone like her. Here she is again with bling bling shoulder pads but this time, from her back, she has a long "tennis necklace" that connects to her wrist. Rajo did not like, I didn't either. But her Christian Louboutin shoes are hot hot hot!!!
Watch the full video of a medley of our favorite love and sappy songs.

I did notice that she lip synced a lot of her songs. And the stage set up really showed that her Manila concert was very last minute. It reminded me of Iron Chef. All that stainless steel. The screen on the back was partly hidden by the drummer. The movie about her tv appearances made me forget that I was watching her live. It took so long and it gave me the urge for popcorn.

Other than that, it was purely awesome!!!

Here's my fellow back-up singers and dancers of Janet Jackson.

Awesome photos that I was able to take!!

I never fail to thank God for all the blessings that I have in my life. For this experience I thank Mike and Janet as well for making me lose at least 5 lbs. from all that dancing. I did, however, needed ginger tea the next day to get my tonsils to work again.

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