Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My Lucky Streak...

Guess what I got today????

WAAHHH, I want to cry with joy na talaga! I mean, I really promise to God that I will be an even better person by helping out the less fortunate if HE and the Universe keep giving me gifts!!!

This one came from my one and only sister.

When she texted me, "Sling or Belt Bag?", I immediately texted back SLING! I was afraid...very afraid that she decided to be a personal shopper for me again and buy me something outrageously priced and leave me no choice but to buy it. I mean, she does that a lot but only when she goes to SM but not in Guam!

So when she came to my office with a Kate Spade shopping bag, I was excited but was trembling slightly at the price tag.

I opened it, saw the color and style and immediately thought of 200,399,345 outfits that would go with it. I really really really love it.

She then said, "Nag thank you ka ba ba?"

OMG!!!!! It's a gift!!! I am so happy! Truly happy that my closet is beginning to have a whole lotta good things in it!

Thanks Sister for making me happy. Please don't ever stop.

Here's my Ellen, Kate Spade.

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