Thursday, June 23, 2016

What I did in Guam.

1. Watch the sunrise as Dennis and I arrived at 4 am. After, we slept until noon. 

2. Watched the view from my balcony of The Lotte Hotel. 

3. Walked to a restaurant nearby to have BBQ ribs. It wasn't that great. 

4. Went to DFS and did a little shopping. 

5. Went home to rest and watch the sunset. 

6. Asleep by 11 pm. #lolamode

7. Wake up at 10am and wait for Dennis to wake up (12noon). We are both starving. We decide to rent a car. 

8. Had lunch at PROA, our favorite restaurant in Guam. 
Order the TRIO, best BBQ and value for money.

Happiness in my face. 

9. Went to KMart, Ross and Macy's. 

Got my Cap'n Crunch stash. 

10. Went back to the hotel for some beach and pool time. 

11. Big Pride 2016 starts! FUN FUN FUN all night long. Went home around 2 pm. #notsololanowami

12. Slept until 11am. Woke up hungry. Dennis, Mike and I decide to eat at PROA again. 

13. Went back to hotel to nap. #lolacantfunction

14. Went to Hotel Nikko for Chinese dinner hosted by Mike. Our goal? To order food and drinks that will amount to $1,000 because that's how much credit Mike has. We failed by $100.00. #losers

15. Back to the hotel and home after a few hours. 

Thank you so much Mike for a wonderful weekend. You are awesome at what you do. Dennis, you are a blast to travel with. 

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