Sunday, January 5, 2014

Il San Pietro Di Positano, My Heaven.

Sometimes, getting lost can be a good thing. Driving around Italy can be tricky. The three car-convoy didn't go as planned and so I decided to enjoy the rest of the day and drive instead of wasting the hours finding the others. 

I saw an entry by the side of the road. Believe it or not, it called to me. With a sharp turn, I went into the driveway and parked the car. My Dad wasn't too happy. The place looked expensive. I said, let me check it out first. 

And that I did. I went down to the restaurant and the moment I stepped out of the elevator, I fell in love.

The maitre'd informed me that Zass is a 2-star michelin restaurant. Gulp.....but it was too late. I was trapped into the beauty of the place. I couldn't leave. 

I called Dad, my Auntie and Jaqueline to come down for lunch. I offered to treat. (That's rare)


It was so worth every Euro. 

Complimentary dessert!!

After a wonderful meal, we decided to look around the resort. 

Outside by the balcony, this was our view. 

Perfect place to have coffee and tea!

My Dad's shirt matched the color of the Amalfi Coast Sea. 

Jacqueline loving the scenery. 

After a few photos, my Aunt got to talk to someone in a suit who works for the resort. 
He happened to be the Reservation Manager, Mr. Andrea Esposito.

He was so kind and offered to give us a tour of the place. We started with the restaurant by the beach, Carlino. It has a state of the art kitchen because they offer cooking lessons to interested guests. 

How cute is this door handle?

What about this lamp? Adorable!

The Mr. Carlino. 

The view is incredible.

On our way to the rooms, we bumped into a lady. Andrea started talking to her in Italian and soon after introduced us to the.....get this....the OWNER of the resort, Virginia Cinque. 

She was delightful to talk to. After a few minutes of chit chat, she told Andrea to show us the honeymoon suite and whatever else we wanted to see. 

And that's exactly what Andrea did. 
From the amazing lobby......

....the the Honeymoon Suite. 

After leaving this place called heaven, I am convinced that if I should marry again.... this is where you will be spending it with me. 

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