Friday, January 10, 2014

Welcoming 2014 with Style.

I was extremely lucky to have been invited to join the dinner celebration of The Peninsula Manila's New Year's Eve countdown. 

The theme was Great Gatsby and there's really no better establishment to throw a party like this than TPM. 

The whole lobby was transformed and we were taken back to 1922.

Looking up at the ceiling, there were thousands and thousands of gold and white balloons waiting to be dropped as soon as midnight strikes.

Before the party, we were treated to a scrumptious dinner. A buffet with nothing but the best kinds of food. Lobsters, caviar, oysters, prawns, steak and a lot more. 

Delightful desserts for everyone! 

Most importantly, New Year is best celebrated with great company and that's exactly what my girls and I had. 

Thank you so much to General Manager, Sonja V. Vecchio and her dashing husband, Anthony for treating me and my daughters like family.

I love this photo. 

My seatmates, Felix and Grace Ang. 

Cindy Yang, Tim Yap, Grace Ang and yours truly. 

My gorgeous daughter, Jacqueline. 

My breathtaking baby girl, Jody. 

Steffie and Christine.

My sister Christine and Mom, Emma. 

Sweetest girl ever, Cindy Yang. 

Cindy, Sonja and Anthony. 

But prior to the exciting evening, I checked in a one-bedroom suite that my kids and I truly enjoyed.

A box of chocolates were sent up along with the usual goodies one gets when staying here in Pen. 

Because it is a Great Gatsby themed party, I decided to load my girls up with jewels. Afraid that they might lose real ones, I got them faux pieces which up to now, they enjoy wearing. 
(Chanel bag is real though.)

Because I still had the afternoon free, we decided to hit the gym. But when I got to the pool area, I saw a couple of friends and what was supposed to be a healthy afternoon, became exactly the opposite. 

Rosette and Dennis made me drink and if you know me, one drink gets me DONE. But they insisted I have two so there I was, at 4 pm decked out in my gym clothes, drunk as a master. At least Dennis and Ito were able to get some exercise done. 

But I tell you, whoever makes the drinks at the poolside should get a bonus because they are damn good!!!! 

Such a great addition to my memory bank. 
Thank you again to my Peninsula family for always being there for me. 

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