Monday, February 3, 2014

Weekend Gift.

Beginning to feel like home. 

This beach house is often lent to the Dizon Family by our fairy godmother, CB. 
We were here last January after it was renovated. CB asked me to kindly check the house out and let her know what it needed to make it more like a home. 

That only meant two things for me. Shopping and going back. How can this deal go wrong? 

Anyway, with a truck load of things we got for the house, it still wasn't enough to fill up the huge house. 

The power of plants. 

These plastic woven baskets are so useful for organizing your things. 
Little things to add color to the house.

There were other things that made the weekend extra special. 

1. It was Lucille's birthday that weekend. 

2. There was an abundance of lobsters, crabs, and fish being brought to our doorstep.

Though we also had lots of meat. 

3. There was a hairstylist, make up artist and barber on hand for the impromptu photo shoot.



5. This.

Thank you so very much CB for loving the Dizon's. 

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Anonymous said...

Hi Candy, please share where you bought the knick knacks that you added to spruce up the place. Also, the plants. Thank you so much!