Thursday, May 28, 2009

Coron, Palawan

There's too many things to blog about my recent trip to Coron, Palawan so I will divide it into groups to make my life easier. 

First thing I want to write about is the island. As I was told by a new friend named, Nikko, it is living life on a postcard. This trip surely made me appreciate the wonders of the Earth. Perhaps it is because I was in the city for too long that I forgot about the pureness of nature. The raw and most simple way of life. 

Coron is on the Northern part of Palawan. It consists of hundreds of islands that are filled with wild life, aquatic and land and the freshest air I have had in many many months. From the plane, I already couldn't stop taking photos of what's to come. The color of the sea and hundreds of trees really are something that would often see on postcards. 

Once we got on the boat, the sites we were shown were extremely jaw dropping. The mountains, rock formation, plantation and wild birds and colorful sea life were there for us to absorb. We climbed a trail to get to a lake where salt water and fresh water mixed. I later learned that this is called BRAKISH waters. The water is so clear that despite how deep it is, you can totally see the bottom of the lake.

The CandyMan and your bloggerina.

Here's what was waiting for us back in Manila. Love it, NOT!!!!

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