Monday, September 13, 2010

Sunday Joy Ride.

My Dad reminded us yesterday that it was GRANDPARENT's Day. That can only mean that he wants us to all be together and go on a Dizon Bus trip to his home town, Pampanga. So we all gathered ourselves for our Sunday joy bus drive up North. We ate in this restaurant that served kapampangan food that we all loved.

It was by a manmade lake and there were ducks, turkey, bamboo raft and huts on stilts. Perfect family restaurant because after our lunch, the kids loved fishing (they caught one every 30 seconds). We put them back in the lake or we fed the ducks! It was fun!!

We even spotted these lovebirds doing the nasty!!

Anyway, it's a place that we would surely go back to because the food was good, the service was great and the kids loved the scenery and fishing.

What we ordered.

Fried crickets! Did not touch this one.
Stuffed frogs..didn't touch this one as well.

Jenny brought dessert from Bangkok. Yummy!

Afterwards, we went shopping in Parkson, this old and a bit dirty duty free shop where we found really interesting things.

Mona Lisa?? ISDATCHU??

This is what I call SHIPandelier. Tacky to the max!

Jenny really wanted to get this lamp with a built-in telephone. I had to discourage her.

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