Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Shoe Me the Money!

I am a late bloomer and I am glad for that. I wasn't much into shoes 3 years ago. I could care less because I always believe in putting whatever extra cash I have in jewelry. But now, I am beginning to like shoes. No, LOVE them. So much that when I went to the Moroso opening 2 weeks ago, I took shoe photos of Manila's fashionable women. You can't imagine how much dough one had to cough up for some of these shoes but I also took some photos of shoes that are as low as P800.00. (yes and that would be mine.)

Can you guess which is the P800 shoe??

More on Moroso opening soon.


Lele said...

yellow one or the last one :)

Anonymous said...

hmmm It's either the first black heeled shoes OR the last flat shoes? :)

Candifier said...

It's the last one with the "diamonds". Got it at Celine. :)