Monday, September 6, 2010

Dessert Comes First!!

I am back from the dead. The flu bug that bit me was a SUPER BUG that needed 7 days of complete rest until I could feel improvement. While resting, all I could think about was how many stories I needed to blog about. And now, finally, I am back to work, back to facebooking and back to blogging.

Just to let you know, Dessert Comes First was a huge success! I don't really care about the money aspect (but I think the school should be happy) but what I care more about was that all my friends and family came to the dinner hungry and came home full, satisfied and craving for more.

I am truly proud of what AG had worked so hard on but without Chef Thomas Wenger, the dinner wouldn't have been possible. Their teamwork made the dinner a culinary delight that is still being talked about until now.

The Chef and the future chefs! Andreas are very proud of these guys!

Thank you to our media partner, LIFESTYLE ASIA namely, Anna Sobrepena, Suki Salvador and Cheryl Tiu for gracing the dinner.

A big hug to Paul Syjyco, for online coverage.

For those who didn't get to go, here's what you missed.

The guests who made the dinner a success!!!

I didn't get to take photos of all my friends that came. I am so sad. Judy and Hannah, Tita Grace, the Dizon boys, THANK YOU!!


hanna said...

youre welcome! it was fabulous ;D

Anonymous said...

Hi! I'm Rey, Chef Andreas' student. Can I repost the photos? Thanks! :)