Monday, September 13, 2010

Ring My Bling!

As I have told you before, whenever I see my friends, they all want to check out THE ring. Of course, being the proud owner, I show it and I even make them try it on. It became such a regular thing so I decided to document it and post it for you to see! With the help of my iPhoto, I was able to add a little bit of character to the photos.


Stephanie Chong, my Peninsula BFF thinking, "Darn, I want one too!!"
Dennis Lustico, wearing like a proper lady should.
Janina Hoschka, wearing it with everything else!
Lucille Dizon, quietly posing for me.
Kristine Villanueva, enjoying the ring and CCC!
Willyn Villarica, wearing 2 new things! One is the ring...the other..a secret!!
Sheldon Villanueva, wore it on his birthday!
Daphne Syjuco, contemplating.
Macky Fah, looking very much like her daughter Cara.
Bernard Fah, is this communion?
Tobias, lingering whispers.
Cedric Cid, striking a pose with his flawless unwrinkled skin!
Dennis Robles, shy much?
CJ Cruz, innocent....NOT.
Robbie Carmona, wurking it!
Rajo Laurel, whatchu lookin' at??
Ferdie Salvador, blows me a kiss!
Liz Almoro, oh so regal.
Grace Ang, hinting on Felix. Ex-deal?
Congressman JV Ejercito's wifey, Cindy Ejercito shows off her awesome dimples!
Mayor Guia Gomez, my Mommy's BFF.

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