Friday, September 17, 2010

Wonder Women!

This September, the Philippine edition of Town & Country marks its third year by releasing its first-ever Wonder Women issue. Editor-in-chief Yvette Fernandez explains, “Our Wonder Women issue honors accomplished women of style and substance who have excelled in their chosen fields.”

This year’s Wonder Women were recently honored at an afternoon tea party held last September 14 at White Space. Recognized for their achievements in their respective fields were Margarita Fores, for entrepreneurship; Cheche Lazaro, for media; Carmen Guerrero Nakpil, for literature, Lea Salonga, for music and theater; Bea Valdes, for fashion; Isabel Caro Wilson, for diplomacy and the arts; and Gina Lopez, for philanthropy and public service. Lopez also graces the cover of the September issue.

Ms. Gina Lopez
Isabel Caro Wilson
Ms. Bea Valdes
Ms. Cheche Lazaro
Ms. Lea Salonga
Ms. Margarita Fores
Ms. Carmen Guerrero Nakpil

The beautiful people and your bloggerina. Do you see the stars in my eyes??

Guess what the power of these three have in common? No, we are not witches.

Grab your copy now!!!

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