Thursday, September 23, 2010

Shopping at Cedric's!

It reminds me of Cartimar and the old Greenhills when there were so many imported goods for sale. When I go to Cedric's house, it is always is a sure way to flatten out my wallet, but in a good way, because I always end up going home happy with my loot.

Anyway, it was after the Preview event and the Dizon girls picked up a sister from another motha, Cedric. We had dinner at Via Mare. Janina, by the way, didn't want to share her oysters. I think she is a black bird. (That's what Mom used to say, a black bird never shares its food) I just want to make that known.

After dinner, we went to the CCG (Cedric Cid Grocery). If you want to buy imported toiletries (Aveeno, Cetaphil, Dove, Irish Spring, Victoria Secret bath products, etc) THIS is the place to go. Not because Cedric is my friend but because they are cheaper than anywhere else in Manila.

He also sells health products such as Lipo-6, Magna RX, Kirkland vitamins, whey drinks and the sort. If you are interested, leave me a comment and I will try to see what I can do. It won't be easy to buy from him because the bodega is in his house and I don't think strangers are welcome. Hehe.

As much as Chuvaness is trying to make Cedric look hot in her blog, I just can't help but show his not so glamourous side. Here he is showing his sad and blowfish face.

My sisters.

Cedric and I pretending to be lovers.


amor said...

Hi Ms. Candy,

How can we shop in Cedric's as well? Does he have a store somewhere?

Thanks :)


khaz said...

cedric wala ka ng mukhang ihaharap sa readers ni candy. first the boobs now the faces. you've been pwned!

Candifier said...

Hi Amor, no he doesn't have a shop. They are distributors to shops in Manila.

Unfortunately, these products are all in his home, so I am not sure about access to their warehouse.

What are you interested in? I can probably ask for the price and let you know.


Cedric said...

Gosh, hmmmmm. What can i say? I have to make a living.

changa may said...

Cedric, walang Aveeno sa 5 sisters....