Monday, September 6, 2010

Taste of Success!


As a continuation of its 25th year anniversary celebration, Chowking raises the bar even higher and takes on the pivotal role of enlivening the spirit, fueling the passion, and nourishing the dreams of the millions of success-driven Filipinos.

Chowking Marketing Head Francis Flores shares “We want to position Chowking not only as a brand that serves quality and modern Chinese food, but also a brand that enables the working man to achieve success and share this same success with their loved ones.”

As Chowking sets out to create a deeper connection with their millions of patrons, Chowking gets into the heart of their desires and cravings. Flores expounds, “These working adults are the ‘balanced success seekers’ who are the responsible sons and daughters, motivated to provide a better life for their family. Chowking, on the other hand, serves as an inspiration for these individuals to succeed as they are fueled by great value Chinese rice meals, dimsums, desserts and beverages.”

Chowking’s new brand mantra ‘Tikman ang Tagumpay’ encapsulates in a few yet meaningful words what Chowking passionately stands for. With over 25 years of the best-tasting Chinese meals, Chowking takes the brand further where good food becomes a fuel in their pursuit of triumph and heartfelt joy and gratitude through shared meal-time experiences with the family.

Accompanying this milestone, Chowking gathers great inspiration from chosen brand advocates who all best exemplify their new brand positioning. And as Chowking Marketing Director Edward Arandia shares, “We selected five outstanding individuals who commonly share compelling success stories. These outstanding individuals: Jericho Rosales, Gerald Anderson, Kim Chiu, Bea Alonzo, and CNN Hero of the Year Efren Penaflorida Jr., were once ordinary people who all dreamed extraordinary dreams, and persevered to turn these dreams into reality, for themselves and for their families.”

In their latest campaign, Chowking captures the life stories of these individuals who underwent obstacles, painstakingly faced adversities, and overcame all barriers to reach what seemed insurmountable. In a sea of mediocrity, they excelled because of a certain indescribable hunger to satiate their own drive to give not just themselves but their families better lives as well.

Arandia notes, “It is very heartwarming to discover the humble past of these people. Their struggles and journey to the top were founded on such noble values. Today, they all shine not just as stars, but as true inspirations for millions of people in the country today who also long to uplift their lives. And as inspirations, their stars shine even brighter. And that is why they were all chosen to be the best spokespeople of our mantra ‘Tikman Ang Tagumpay’. They just don’t believe in our mantra. They live and breathe our mantra. They are living proof that with the right ingredients, nothing is impossible.”

The endorsers up close during the press launch.

JERICHO ROSALES. Cute pala nito! He has oozing sex appeal that made me not want to stop looking. I'd eat beef broccoli with this guy ANYTIME!

KIM CHIU, sobrang payat but pretty! She seems nice. Didn't stay on too long to have a one on one so can't say much.

Efren Penaflorida instigated the pushcart classroom to teach the poor kids should be an example to all of us.

Gerald Anderson, another hottie!! HELLOOO Cougar-town!

All I can say, if you are a restaurant and you are promoting your new product which is beef with broccoli, then I think you should serve the dish hot and fresh to the press which are invited. Just a tip.

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Belle said...

pangit ang service ng chowking.. lalo na yung ever gotesco commonwealth branch nila, nag order ako ng orange chicken, lauriat ang sa hubby.. tapos na si hubby sa lauriat, nakakain na ng orange chicken yung katabi ko na nauna pa kami, wala pa din ang order ko! take note, nagfollow up ako several times, sa asar ko, kung kelan aalis na kami tsaka ibibigay order ko, nilayasan ko nalang sila. Never want back to any chowking branch eversince. nakakaphobia!