Monday, September 20, 2010

Me and the Ghels.

An impromptu GNO (Girls Night Out) last week became one of the "funnest" night I have had. I am proud to have been the only gay person there amongst 6 gherls.

We had dinner at Wine Depot, check out the delicious food.

After dinner, we walked over next door to this restaurant/bar called HANGOVER. It looked odd from the outside but we were all so happy we went in to check it out because we had the best time inside dancing to 80's music!! The ghels danced until out stomach started to hurt from so much laughing.

We also loved it because we were the only ones in the whole bar so we could make fools of ourselves without caring! And boy, do I have proof of that in the videos I shall post below.

Nice place no? We are going back on the opening on Sept. 23. You should all come and dance with us! (L-R, Ivar Aseron, Boboy Consunji, Dennis Lustico, your bloggerina, Cedric Cid, James Reyes, Puey Quinones)

We had a Madonna medley and the ladies showed me what they got!

Cedric at his best but will I ever respect him after this???

Pose on!

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Anonymous said...

what i wanna know: whose bra is cedric using???