Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Totally Tivoli!!!

For the past 6 years, I think that I mostly eat hotel food, namely The Peninsula Manila and The Mandarin Oriental. These two are the hotels that I always dine in because of where I work. There are occasions that I would try Heat at EDSA Shangri-la Hotel and just 2 weeks ago, I ventured to Maxims and had lunch at Impressions. 

Usually, I would be too stuffed for lunch that dinner is usually skipped which makes the ratio of my hotel food intake higher. 

I must have eaten in Tivoli, Mandarin Oriental, Manila’s signature European fine-dining restaurant, for more than 2 dozen times. What I love about it is the consistency of the quality of their food. The presentation is always at its best and the service....well, the service is wonderful all the time. 

This September, Tivoli brings its famous culinary portfolio to new heights as it introduces a delectable new a la carte menu with distinctive yet classic twists on everything from starters to desserts.

Created by Executive Sous Chef Remi Vercelli in collaboration with Executive Chef Rene Ottlik, the brand new French-inspired contemporary menu of fresh, ingredient-driven cuisine is a stunning presence in the restaurant’s elegant and highly stylized surrounding – a sensuous treat for both the casual diner and food connoisseur.

The first treat is actually the appetizer buffet spread. 
Fresh sushi, salads, cold cuts, pate and many more is laid out for you as you wait for your main course. 

Summer salad of pomelo, quesong puti with mango, and walnuts tossed in Italian dressing. 

I have never enjoyed tomatoes as much as I did with this dish. PLEASE try this. 

This is my duck consomme soup. 2 dumplings stuffed with duck and a sliver of foie gras is heavenly. 

My ultimate favorite, Brittany Lobster and Chanterelle Mushrooms is a definite MUST order. 

Fresh LapuLapu, Norwegian Salmon and King prawn marmite, with green vegetables and fish broth. 

My choice for my main course is this 12 hour lamb shoulder tournedos with oriental spices served with fresh garlic puree, French beands and kalamat. Tender, juicy and most flavorful, it is also the favorite of Rajo and Stephanie. 

Isabelle had the tuna steak. 

Soft Shell crab with papaya, peanuts and green mango salad is Rajo's choice. 

Heaven on Earth.

For dessert, well dessert was something else.....

We started out with this Raspberry and chocolate macaron with minted chocolate sorbet. 

And this ball of fun came to our table and had oodles of chocolatey goodness surprise! 

Stephanie Zubiri had to leave early so we weren't able to include her in the photo. Was nice seeing you Rajo and Charisse!! Thank you for this wonderful lunch!! 

Lunch, Monday to Friday, 11:30 am to 2:30 pm. 
 A La Carte Menu Business Lunch - A choice of an appetizer buffet or a soup; a choice from five main courses; and a choice from two desserts. 
 Php 1,818+ for three courses 
 Php1,518+ for two courses

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