Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Bench Universe in Universal Proportions.

It was huge. REALLY HUGE. No, I am not talking about what's inside the Bench underwear the male models were wearing. I am referring to the whole production! 

Must have been more than 5,000 people screaming their lungs out for the men to show off more skin. I seriously think that straight men stayed away from this show and let their girlfriends and their gay BFF's handle this night without them. 

My favorite part was when a lit canoe came out of the ceiling with Enchong Dee in it. He then jumps out of the boat and "swims" to the floor. It was awesome. 

I have no words to say about Mr. Ben Chan. He just can't seem to stop pleasing BENCH fans by treating us to a magnificent show, Adam Levine and hopefully, if he listens to me, Chris Evans, Chris Pine and RYAN GOSLING. I am not asking for too much, am I??

I also took a few videos. I was so happy about where we sat because we were at eye level with the stage. Just wish I had brought my more awesome camera for this event. Clearer photos of the packages would be more interesting. Ooops, I meant details of the costumes....

Silly me. 

Now, don't ask me about who they are. I have no idea....

Enjoy the photos and video!

The main reason I wanted to watch is because of these two. Anthony and David Semarad. If my daughters didn't read my blog, I would say something nasty, but they do, plus all their classmates and even teachers. Great.....now I have to practice censorship. ANG HIRAP ha!!!!

Mr. Ben Chan comes out and give Richard Gomez a hug. What an awesome show. 
Once again, thank you Lucy for not forgetting me. Love you. 

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Hi Ms Dizon. I'm connected to a local magazine and we're interested in using one of your photos. Can I get your contact info (number or email)? Thanks.