Monday, September 17, 2012

Press Launch with Adam Levine for BENCH.

Seriously, I want this chair. Adam Levine's ass was on it. I WANT IT. 

Mon Gutierrez hosted. What a lucky guy!!!

While waiting, a feathered friend who had the Victoria's Secret PEG caught my attention. Tessa Valdes' outfit also caught Adam Levine's attention and he had to say it out loud too! Maybe next time I should wear a bikini. #choz

The man behind it all, Mr. Ben Chan. When asked why Adam Levine...he said, "Why not? He's the hottest man right now." For me, he will be the hottest man forever. Thank you Mr. Chan for bringing him closer to us mortals. 

And then, the demigod arrives. Sits down and takes everyone's breath away....

Honestly, I heard very little of what he had to say....I couldn't stop looking at him. I have about a thousand photos that I want blown up to cover my whole bedroom wall, ceiling and floor. 

Check out those eyes.....I want to be that tiger on his arm. 

The most amazing men in the country right now. Mr. Ben Chan and Adam Levine.

Honestly, this was him looking at me saying bye. Bye baby!!! See you in the room!! :) #choz

ADAM LEVINE for BENCH. I don't know how and what P can do to top this one. 
If I were them, try Chris Evans. HAHAHA....


Anonymous said...

hi Candy! Are those photos yours? I want to tweet them to a friend :) I want to ask permission if i can :) Thank you

Candy B. Dizon said...

Yes, they are my photos. Go ahead. Sharing is caring.