Thursday, October 4, 2012

Peninsula's Pink Party.


I have been saying it in my Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts. 

This means a lot to me because I lost my mom due to this. 

On October 1, Peninsula had a small gathering to show its support to the cause and share the importance of awareness to the disease that must be fought. 

Itsy Bitsy, Moet and Chandon, Jul B. Dizon and the Peninsula Manila offered token for auction to raise funds for this cause. 

But let me show you the spread first because I know that's your favorite part of my posts. 

Devil kung devil! The cutest deviled eggs! So good too!

Inside those cotton candies were fresh strawberries! Pink macarons were offered as well. 

Pink chinese take out box with pink chopsticks for this noodle dish. 

The Pink Chocolate Pop TREE has spoken to me....

There were so much more for the guests to enjoy but I only have my phone photos. 

In the meantime, this is what Jul B. Dizon offered for the auction and thank you to Felix and Grace Ang to show your undying support to the cause, The Peninsula Manila and to Jul B. Dizon Jewellery. 

For some reason I couldn't get a hold of Steffie for a photo op. Here's the host Tim Yap, your bloggerina and CYT. For your information, I was wearing a pink tourmaline necklace, pink tourmaline ring and pink shoes. 

Joie showed her love for JBDJ by wearing her Kunzite earrings and ring. 

Can you spell LOVE??? This is so cute!!! Hope they never take it down. At least for the month of October, which I will say again, is the BREAST CANCER AWARENESS MONTH.

For women 35 and up, please have yourself checked. 

More on this party as soon as I get the official photos. 

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