Monday, October 8, 2012

Bryan's 40th Birthday Bash!

My Yap family had another birthday celebrant last Saturday and I was in charge of the floral arrangement for the party in Old Manila, The Peninsula. 

At 7 am, I was at the flower market to get vibrant colors such as red, orange, yellow and white to diffuse. The plan was to create a garden inside the restaurant so I added white lanterns. All the flowers were on clear glass vases. I bought 2 dozen. Anyway, I know I will be able to use them in the future. 
At home, it looked like this. 

Here's a photo of a table with no flowers, candles and decor. 

And with the colorful blooms, candles and lanterns, it looked like this. 

2 rows of a 40 seater table. I also added a platter full of macarons from Andreas Pastry for extra cuteness. 

The candle holder of Peninsula added a nice touch to the table.

Old Manila's dessert spread. 

My Yap Family and the birthday celebrant, Bryan. 

Cassandra brings out the birthday cake!

Chase opens and pours a 6 liter Moet and Chandon champagne that Bryan bought at the Pink in Peninsula party auction to help the Breast Cancer Awareness program. What a nice guy. 

Soon after, Jasmin jams up with our guitarist and serenades the birthday boy. If she weren't a doctor, she can be a professional singer.

Then Bryan renders a love song with his smooth and beautiful voice. 

The party girls. 

CYT and Brett strike a pose!

The Checkered Boys in the Hood. They must have talked about their outfits. 

We took the party to Salon De Ning where we danced, did shots and took a million photos. These girls couldn't stand their heels and decided to get rid of them as they boogied on down.

The lovebirds, CYT and Law. Sweet no?? :)

Chase and the ladies. 

As I was taking most of the photos, these are the few shots/proof that I was really there. 

Diana and I. 

With my BBFFF, CYT.

Your bloggerina and the Birthday Boy, Bryan. 
Forgive me for my red face. 7 shots of Patron can do that to a person.

Happy Birthday Bryan. 

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