Friday, October 12, 2012

Neck and Neck

Known as one of the leading brands in children’s fashion, NECK and NECK is now present in 12 countries and has its own exclusive designs and trends that take on a worldly inspiration. 

 The brand debuts their latest collection exclusively at Rustan’s, presenting pieces full of color and variety. A wide range of colorful and original floral prints, checks and tie print dominated the runway. Vivid colours such as apple green or red, blended with mauves, blues and pinks, whilst earth colours run into orange tones. Romantic designs with embroidered details, trimmings and stripes, enhanced with a wide selection of accessories to match. 

Some of Neck and Neck’s new designs are also inspired by France, the English Countryside or the cosmopolitan cities of Tokyo and New York. The resulting collection has a very international air, in-keeping with the brand’s spirited vibe much like the children they design for. 

 Most of the pieces embody a casual and laid-back statement anchored with very detailed and different toned embroidery, lending the garments a slightly hippy look but at the same time very well finished. Accessories complemented each look making it unique and perfect for a special occasion or a fun play date. 

 The different mix of materials give a casual and fresh look to the collection. Popular trends for this season are Poplins and Oxford for all in ones and shirts, twills for skirts, and Bermudas and trousers. These are just some of the various materials prominent this season together with corduroy, flannel and wool. 

 As a novelty and for the first time, Neck and Neck also launches a separate line from its main collection: NECK and NECK SPORT, available in the company’s stores and online at This is an elaborated sports line for children where you can find garments with unique details such as large checks, washed cotton t-shirts with crochet detailing, polo shirts combined with different fabrics and patterns. In addition, they also have sweatshirts, trousers and lightweight sports jackets suitable for different times of the day.

Available at Rustan's Department Stores.

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