Thursday, October 4, 2012

A La Mer-iffic Afternoon!

Ahhhhh.... La Mer..... it's so nice to say. The way the La rolls from the tongue..And the Merrrrr...with the rrrrr at the end... It's so sosyal. 

Truth?? I didn't think I would ever buy La Mer products in this lifetime. I get my skin taken cared of by Dr. Windie Hayano of Skin Inc. and the products that I get as gifts. Thank God my skin hasn't really given me too many problems. 

Two weeks ago, I was invited to a super private event of La Mer by CYT. A maximum of 12 pax. I brought along my sister, Lucille for the La Mer experience. Janina, who is a regular user of the product, was out of the country. She was very sad to miss it though...and I totally understand why. 

It was held in a suite of The Peninsula Manila one afternoon. 
When we arrived, an assortment of dessert and hot dishes welcomed us. Fresh fruit juices/shakes were offered as we waited for the rest of the people in the guest list. 

Little did I know that everyone that was invited are also all Jul Dizon friends. It was such a nice gathering of beautiful people for an amazing product. 

The SAMPLES table. Isn't crazy? We were free to use any of the pricey, but effective, skin care! I took the liberty of applying the body lotion all over my legs, my ankles, shoulders and arms. If I could, I would have applied it on my butt, stomach and back but I had to show some class in front of my sossy friends/clients.

The bedroom was converted to a facial care area where we were given facials! We were only too happy to participate.

Demonstrations were done to show us how to maintain beautiful and supple skin using the La Mer products. 

Hand massages....

And of course, we all went shopping.

We were all treated with really cute loot bags with sample sizes inside. 

Must have done something right to have amazing friends and to have La Mer products given to me. 

P.S. I love it so much that I decided to splurge and 
get myself the body lotion and facial toner. 
No more shopping for me for a long time. 

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