Thursday, October 4, 2012

Energize your Scalp with Davines.

As soon as I posted Davines Naturaltech Energizing Shampoo in my Instagram, I received threats of disownment from my two sisters, Janina and Lucille, if I don't give it to them. Fortunately, I really don't need hair thickening shampoo. What I need is another Keratin Hair Treatment but it is so mahal. 

So I decided to split the bottle in half and share it with the two of them. Naturally, I had to see how and what they feel about the product before I can blog about it. 

One month after their first use, here's what they have to say:

Me: Tell me what you think of the shampoo, Davines? 
Lucille: It's still a bit too early to tell but I really like the minty feeling it leaves my scalp. 
Me: Do you think your hair got thicker?
Lucille: I don't see much of a difference in thickness yet but I do know that my hair strands are a lot stronger. They don't break easily like they used to. That's a good sign. 

Me: What about you, Jenny?
Jenny: First thing I like is the packaging. When I used it, I noticed how nice it smells. 
Me: Do you feel a difference in hair thickness?
Jenny: I honestly think that my hair is fuller now. It has more body and not so limp. Perhaps it is healthier. 

I believe that a healthy scalp will result in a healthy and luscious hair. 

Created to revitalise weak, fine hair prone to falling out. This unique product contains pure essential oils of Cajeput, Mint, and Cinnamon for deep cleansing and stimulating of the scalp.

These natural oils instantly increase blood circulation to fortify the roots and hair shaft and infuse it with essential nutritional substances for stronger thicker hair!

  Extract of Eucalyptus purifies and refreshes the scalp. Panthenol and Wheat Proteins are responsible for strengthening and moisturizing of the hair restoring health, shine and body.

Davines is available in all leading hair salons. 

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