Thursday, October 4, 2012

Janina's Game Night Party.

Birthday ni Janina. Kailangan may party. Pero tinatamad siya mag-organize kaya she told me and Steffie to fix it for her and in return, she will take us half way to Guam. Half way because half the fare lang ang sagot niya. 

So cheap as we are, Steffie accepted the offer and blew up 100 balloons, fixed the tables and shopped for the food and game materials. 

It was going to be Charades, Pictionary, Project Runwalk and Musical Chairs (pop the balloon edition). 

After the lafangan session, we started with Pictionary. 

Tapos Charades...all the photos have all super pangit faces kaya WIZ ko na i-post. 

The next game was our favorite. Project Runwalk consists of 4 teams. 
Dennis Lustico, Ivar Aseron, Puey Quinones and James Reyes. 4 designers, 4 team mates, 2 yards of Gina silk, staplers, and 10 safety pins. 

Goal, create a masterpiece using only these things. 

I was on Dennis' team but he really didn't need any help. Pia Magalona was our model. Jessica and Christine were assisting though. 

Ivar had Jae as his model. Cedric and Maco helped him out. 

Puey was only happy to have Dorothy as his model kasi payat! Mary Ann and Annabelle were his assistants. 

James, Poma, Fifi worked on their model Anna. 

After 10 minutes, the models were ready to show off their couture gowns. 
Watch the runwalk here. 

Now for the details. Ivar made this off the shoulder dress. It won the "Most Pulido Dress."

James won the "This is what I would most likely to wear dress," judged by Janina. 

"Most creative" went to Puey. 

Dennis got the "Best fit and most appropriate for the 'client' gown". 

Next was Musical Chairs (pop the balloon edition). Steffie, Fifi, James and I blew up so many balloons that we didn't know what to do with them. So everyone who got a chair when the music stopped had to pop their balloon! 

At the end of the game, we had DENNIS LUSTICO as the winner. 

Group photo!!! (sorry Cedric, this is the only decent photo we have and your eyes were shut!)

Happy Birthday Janina!!!!!

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