Wednesday, October 24, 2012

FLAME of FAME, part 2.

After going thru the first floor, I headed towards the 2nd hall to see pieces from friends in the fashion industry. 

ARANAZ showcased under the sea clutches that is perfect for weddings by the beach. 

JOYCE MAKITALO informed me that almost all her items were sold! Everything I picked already belonged to someone else. 

She shared a booth with Ms. Dee.

And speaking of Ms. Dee, here is KRISTINE looking lovely in red. 

My favorite and I am not saying this because he is one of my bestest friends but DENNIS LUSTICO did an amazing job with his collection. 

RAJO featured his Japanese patterned silk cover ups and accented them with chunky jewelry and belt. 

The playful MACO CUSTODIO shows a colorful collection of shoes, bags and neckpieces! 

ARNEL PAPA took a few seconds off for a photo. He was busy with clients, which is a good sign of success! 

CONGRATULATIONS to CITEM and to my friends! To those who purchased, you now have something that's truly first class! 


Anonymous said...

How can I ask the price range and order Mr. Lustico's pieces? Thanks!

Candy B. Dizon said...

Please email him at