Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Venice in September.

Here are my tips if planning a trip to Venice. 

1. Don't bring your kids that need a stroller. It is not wheel friendly. Don't wear heels. Stairs, miles of walking and cobbled steps await you. I pitied those struggling with their luggage, though you can hire a luggage carrier.

2. Gondola ride is about 80 euro but 8 people can fit so if you really want to ride in one, make friends with other tourists and share the fare!

3.  The weather was perfect when I went end of September. The sun was out but the wind was cool. Wear sunscreen and light clothing. Don't forget, rubber shoes or any footwear that's comfortable is a must. 

4. Shopping is fun! So many boutiques along the narrow streets. I bought my Ballin shoes at 50% off, plus tax refund. Not a bad deal. 

5. Take a taxi that goes around the island and take lots of photos. Venice is too beautiful and try to embed the images deeply into your mind. 

6. Visit the market and see what the locals are buying. Warning, it smells really fishy. 

7. Try to find time to visit Hotel Cipriani. They have their own taxi that will take you to their hotel for free. Rhoda and I had lunch there before going to the airport to leave for Paris. It was a very nice experience to be surrounded by such elegance. 

8. Surround yourself with good friends. Thank you Rhoda for being my tour guide. 

9. Try to be more aware of time. We were enjoying our meal too much that we didn't realize that we would be late for our flight if we take the tram so we had no choice but to take a private taxi straight to the airport. Bye bye 100 euro.  See you again Venice! I love you.

10. Go back.

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