Monday, January 23, 2017

Made Nice Supper Club.

If you haven't yet, you are missing out. Made Nice Supper Club offers dishes that are truly delicious. Located in Legaspi Village, this restaurant is a casual venue for specialty foods such as foie gras, octopus, lamb, halibut and such. 


Loved this too! Good for sharing. 

Creamy and rich. Good for sharing. 

Super yummy. Order is for one person.

Oh, goodness..... so delicious.

Hit and miss. Some had a weird taste but some didn't. I enjoyed how tender and juicy it was. 

Very rich! Good enough for 4 people. 

Dennis and I ordered this HUGE rainbow cake for the birthday celebrants! It's our official favorite cake evahhh... 

Happy to be with the gang. 

Happy Birthday to these beautiful ladies!

Made Nice Supper Club
G/F PPI Bldg, 109 Esteban Street, Legaspi Village
0995 017 2482

Though not their fault, the restaurant does not have a toilet so guests have to use the communal bathroom located at the main entrance of the building. I have to tell you that it is gross. Flush doesn't work, there are no toilet seats, the floor is all wet and grime all over. To PPI Building, PLEASE do something about it and to Made Nice Supper Club, demand them to renovate the toilets YOUR guests are most likely to use. 

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