Friday, May 27, 2016

Royal Mansour, Marrakech.

This post is just about the LOBBY of The Royal Mansour. I feel that it's beauty deserves its solo post. I am sure by the time you finish scrolling down, you would agree with me. 

For me, my trip to Morocco last October was about seeing the different hotels in the city, which I love to do. My eyes could not have enough of the intricate details, the extravagance and glamour of the different hotels we checked out. 

Royal Mansour is on top of my list, along with Mandarin Oriental, Four Seasons and La Mamounia. 

Enough talk, let me show you. 

The entrance is simple and classic Moroccan. 

But when you enter, this paradise awaits. 

As you walk along the side of the lobby, you will see little rooms which are decorated so beautifully. 

The hallways are different from one another. 

The chandeliers are to die for. 

I swear I want one of these. 

This is the concierge. I know right?????? 

At the end, you will enter the Lobby bar. The details on the pillars and arch!!!

I believe this is the entrance to the toilets. Imagine that. 

Stay tuned for more of my Moroccan trip. 

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