Thursday, May 26, 2016

Vienna in One Day.

We were prepared to walk miles and miles in Vienna. Comfortable shoes, warm clothing and a huge appetite was what our hosts asked us to bring. 

From our place, we took the subway to a famous food and flea market. 

Here, we saw hundreds of food stalls that offered a wide variety of yumminess. 

There were cheese.....

...candies... dishes..


...stuffed peppers, dates, cheese wrapped in cured meat...


...pickles, and many more. 

For a moment, I thought that living in Vienna was very enticing, especially when I saw these....

..and more tulips.

It was 5 miles of Salcedo Market in steroids. The weather was perfect too and eating outdoors was the best thing you can ever do but our hosts took us to a very popular restaurant, Museum Cafe, which we truly enjoyed. 

 Jody schnitzelized it. 

Jacqui's HUGE burger. 

Beef consomme for me. 

After lunch, we walked around even more and stopped to say thanks inside St. Stephen's Cathedral. 

Much more walking to do and so many things to see and experience still. 

We stopped by another Easter Market. 

Sausages and ham galore!!

I had to try this. No one else wanted to try it because it looks like raw meat but actually, it's just pepperoni shaped into a pretzel. Nothing special really. 

We took a tram and headed to where all the government buildings were at. 

My favorite? The Mayor's office. 

At this point, we were all pretty tired so coffee and dessert was called for. 

 We had pancakes (I believe we call them crepes here) but Jody, the dessert expert, said that we have better crepes here in the Philippines. #itsmoresweetinthephilippines

To the lovely Nabicht Family, thank you again for the warm hospitality. 

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