Monday, November 9, 2009

Uneven Ipin?

Saw this as an advertisement on a glossy and found it really odd. Parang this endorser of teeth surgery and reconstruction clinic has one CENTRAL INCISOR missing!

Complete set of teeth.

Wala lang...just thought it was weird for a teeth beautification company to get an endorser with an odd count of choppers.


Kate said...

Lolz! Is that B_y _b_ _ d_a? :D

Btw, I visit ur blog everyday and i so love ur creations, wishing someday I can be like you, too.

Good luck! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Candy, luvvvvv ur blog. Hope to meet u in person. I'm a fan; I also like Chuva and I support Moms4Moms. Best wishes!!! Keep smilin'(like ur bwahhahahahh), u r one beautiful person.Ciao! Bev

whoopsydaisies said...

Methinks it's photoshopped. Poorly at that.

candifier said...

Thanks Kate! That is so nice to hear! And yes, it is him. HAhahah.

Hi Bev! Wow. I am touched. thanks for reading! momsformoms will be visiting the orphanage next week! will update you!

Photoshopped or not, he is missing one central incisor!

Anonymous said...

Hi Candy, I will be in Manila in Dec. R u guys planning to visit Fabella in Dec? maybe I can tag along. Ciao! Bev

Anonymous said...

i'm betting that set of teeth belongs to Boy Abunda. i hate his ad for his cologne, yung mukha shang troll na binuhusan ng arena..