Monday, November 16, 2009

Cheese and Chester!

My cousin is in Manila for his birthday and I say, what better way to celebrate your birthday with the Candifier? Kenster was suffering from jetlag but I love it when he laughs at my green jokes.

The place for the night was CAV. I had to have my favorite BANANA CREME BRULEE!

Tobster had the pannacotta! YUM!


My drink for the evening was Mango Daquiris! I swear to you, I was so jolly with just one glass! Such a sissy drinker that I am!

The Filipino mentality, no one wants the last bite of the birthday cake! Hay nako....

I love going out with my big brother. Whenever he's around, he always picks up the check! WOOOHOO!!! Thanks KUYA!

And the reason why my title is Cheese and Chester is because I totally forgot to take a photo of the cheese platter. I hate it when that happens.

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