Thursday, November 12, 2009

Hong Kong Highlights!

Here are my top ten HIGHLIGHTS from my HONG KONG TRIP!

1. COMPLIMENTARY dessert plate from the Executive Chef of L'Hotel Nina! (he happens to be friends with Arno)

2. Seeing TARZAN's HOT BOD!

3. Found the umbrellas that are being sold in Dimension for only HK38!!!! (P260 +-)

4. Walking on "AIR".

5. Using my sturdy and fashionable KAMISETA luggage.

6. Getting LIQUID HAPPY!

7. Despite the smog, we experienced PERFECT weather!!!

8. BONDING with CHIZZMIZZ folks. Had to do hide the kids faces for security reasons. (Oh diba? Parang Michael Jackson's kids?)

9. The CHEAP-ASS package fare!!!

US$1,293.87 for 5 pax inclusive of:
Air ticket via PAL
2 rooms for 4 days/3 nights in a 5 Star hotel (L'Hotel Nina et Convention Centre)
Daily breakfast
Airport transfers

10. NO WORK!!!!


Anonymous said...

hi ms. candy! where did you avail of such a good deal?

candifier said...

ARK Travel, look for Joie Castro or Pat Alberto. Tell them that I referred you. But of course it is near Christmas already so rates are different. But this is where I always book my trips.