Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Disneyland Hong Kong Style!

The weather was perfect! During the day, it was bright and sunny but not hot! And the evening was nice and chilly!

Disneyland HK was about 3 MTR stations away and when we got there, I was so pleased to see that it was almost empty. There was no lining up to do in all the rides!

The only thing that bothered me was the language. I just had a hard time seeing Ariel with her long red hair and fair skin singing "A Whole New World" in Cantonese.

Tarzan was a hunk!! Without that stupid wig, I would play Jane ANYTIME baby! Anytime!

It was also great to see the Philippines in It's A Small World ride. In Anaheim, they only have one Filipina swaying side to side but in Hong Kong, they are two Filipinas in a bahay kubo! We are stepping up folks!

Night time was wonderful because it was a bit more chilly. The fireworks display is something else! I want to have that kind of display on my birthday!! Click on link below to see.

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Lele said...

ayan! parang i wanna go to disney hk again...sigh..