Thursday, November 19, 2009

2 Events, 1 Night, 1 Drunk!

The events were The Launch of THE 2101 PHILIPPINES YEARBOOK at the Makati Shangri-la Hotel

and the opening of ESCOLTA of The Peninsula Hotel. The drunkard would be your bloggerina.

Before I talk about the event, I have to admit that I did a repeat on my dress!! AAAHHH!!! Am I going to be shamed and tied up to a pole and thrown rocks at? The worst part is, I had my hair done the same way when I wore this dress as well. Now, I must also be burned alive. But c'mon guys, it was nearly 5 months ago. Please forgive me na! But check out the earrings that I wore.

Ok, moving on. Let's talk about this one by one.

The Yearbook launch really impressed me. The Rizal Ballroom was spacious because the food set up was treated in a relatively new way. I personally loved the dessert corner. It looked really enticing and well laid out. Ok, here are the photos so you know what I am talking about.

There were about 4 stations on each side of the ballroom. Each station was handled by one or two servers. This set up was for the caesars salad and tenderloin slices served in bread. They slice it up and stuff it in your choice of bread as you order with 3 kinds of sauces to choose from. Yummy with a capital Y!

The GAMBAS station! I could have stayed here the whole night, the next morning and the day after that. I love peeled prawns and freshly cooked right before my bulging eyes! This was my super duper favorite!

Puff Pastry Station. We were given a choice of Eggplant and Pork. Of course I went for the pork and sprinkled cheese on top.

Super moist and hot fish sticks with wasabi sauce and other finger foods were being passed around like there's no tomorrow.

Even if I could have eaten more, I didn't because event number 2 was still to be conquered.

General Manager, Mr. Reto Klauser and I had a long chat about how Makati Shangri-la is trying to change the way food is presented in events like this. Congratulations, it worked wonderfully!

Mr. Vernon Go gave the welcoming speech. 
My favorite couple, Rima Ostwani and Diether Ocampo. 
Olga Azarcon plans to get me drunk again on Friday!
Henri Calayag and Rhett Eala.

Emi Jorge and my date for the evening, Rosette Fernandez.
Dennis Lustico.
Marissa Concepcion and Martha Uy. 

Of course I didn't forget about the dessert!

RHF and I with the First Secretary of the Indian Embassy, Mr. Gyan Singh and friend from the Embassy of Iraq.

Your bloggerina with Patrick Garcia.

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