Friday, November 20, 2009

Peek A Bra!

I wore the same dress 2x in a year, my hair was the same with the same outfit when I wore it 5 months ago and I wore the wrong color of bra. What the heck is going on with me?

There's just too many events, too many photographers and too much champagne going around that I can't seem to focus anymore. Naks! Sikat ba? (BWA HA HA HA!!!)

Here's what I mean.

With Christine Y. Tan and Rosette Fernandez.

The blooming RM of Peninsula, Ms. Macy Lam.

Diether, Rima, Rosette and moi.

With Adam and Rosette

So when I was already very jolly with champagne, I tried to remedy the situation......

..................and failed miserably.

So the next day, I decided to play it safe. A black round neck t-shirt and a Puey Quinones skirt. 

Macky Fah and Irene Lavina and I closed ESCOLTA that evening. We were there till midnight almost! 
Stephanie Chong, Rajo Laurel and your bloggerina. 

Angelique Gaston, Macky Fah. 

For my food post about ESCOLTA, you just have to be patient. Hopefully next week!


Joy Page Manuel said...

You look great in that round neck shirt paired w/ the Puey Quinones skirt. Well done!!

Gilbert said...

Hola, Senorita Candyfier....
I just can't figure it out and still is...I'm following your blogs for some time now... your blogs are funny, has a teaser rate, sexy, and with an attitude! Bwahahahaha. Just like your Dr. Evil laugh, Ms. Dizon. This 23Nov09edition is a classic and downright sexy, not to the obvious fact due to those cleavages, but to that frailty of that one lucky flower that was supposed to be the dealmaker. Que te vaya bonito, Senorita Candy. ciao.