Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Cover Them Up!

I always go inside Dimension in Rockwell. I always find interesting things but end up not buying anything.

Because of chuvaness, previous blogs about this store, I decided to go in again last week and check out what they have. I bought those umbrellas that she blogged about a few months ago. I think they would make such great gifts but I really loved these passport covers. They have it in 4 colors, black, brown, red and orange and they are only P249.50 each!

I like the the world map embossed on the material.

Passports are now fashionably covered and ready to use tomorrow when we hit HK for another peking duck festival!!


Anonymous said...

awwww leaving again? meaning no blogs to read? :-(

Anonymous said...

The problem with covers like these (I have one) is that often you have to wriggle the passport out at customs (e.g. in the US) - a bit of a hassle

candifier said...

Well, so far so good. HK doesn't need to strip the passports. Perhaps you are right for US Customs. Oh well. It's still protected somehow. :)

candifier said...

Now, I have plenty to blog about again! Stay tuned!

Leah said...

I bought this cover in black and used it for my US trip last month. They didn't remove the cover. I guess the immigration officer loved the design. Hahaha!