Monday, November 16, 2009

Rustan's and Rustan's Supermarket!

I really enjoy shopping at Rustan's especially during the Christmas season. They always have a very nice set up for the holidays and it makes me feel like I am not in the Philippines somehow. I also love it that it is so spacious and that the salespeople are so friendly and helpful.

This brand has a few things that caught my eye. Really really cute but a tad bit pricey. 
This clock is made out of a wooden base board with a few stuff toys, cassette tape, toys and cars that are painted one color. It's so easy to do especially since we have gazillions of toys lying around the house. 

This stool is made out of stretched balloons! It was sturdy enough when I tugged at it but I am sure it will carry a child up to 12 years old. I wouldn't offer my dad to sit on it. 

In the supermarket, I was happy to see that they are carrying a lot of organic foods now. WATON is the brand that offers organic pork of different cuts and parts. It's helping my family and I to get into a healthier and environmentally friendly lifestyle. We are taking baby steps but little steps are better than no steps at all.

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