Wednesday, November 18, 2009


It was Chuvaness, Thebaghag, RGH and I on our way to the orphanage this morning but we were all pretty much starving. A brilliant idea of Thebaghag was to get some siopao from EMERALD GARDEN along the way. We were all so excited when Thebaghag called Mumsy to place an order for us. Only Mumsy has the power to get siopao for free!!!

Don't get me wrong. Those siopaos are not all for us! Those were orders!!! If you want siopao from this place, you should call it in at 8 am because they RUN OUT sa sobrang sarap!!!

1170 Roxas Blvd., Ermita
Phone Number: (63 2) 523-8510, (63 2) 523-8515

1 comment:

Lele said...

ay ang sarap ng siopao!

darn. anlayo ng EG. i live up north pa naman...haayyyyzzz!!!