Monday, November 16, 2009

Cheese, Meat and Wine Home Style!

Last Saturday, 2 days after our CAV fest, it was time to celebrate the birthday of Kenster. Of course, he wanted to spend it with the Candifier, not that I mind, I just realize that I have been having happy liquid quite often now. I blame you, Stiffmeister!

We were all lazy bastards that evening and so we decided to do what we had in CAV our own way. We went to Rustan's and got crazy over the cheese and wine selection.

Kuya and GInny went to Santi's and got all our favorite meats.

As soon as we got home, we got the party started.

My choice of drink, TEQUILA ROSE JAVA!!!! Sobrang SARAP!!!!

Kenster, here's to you!! I hope you know that I am only being nice to you so that when I go to the US, you will fly me on your private plane to wherever I want. That's all. BWA HA HA HA (very evil laugh).

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