Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Operation Smile!

Thanks to Carmina Sanchez, I was able to become part of this amazing project of


If you have the watched the video I posted before this blog, you will understand that the project aims to financially support Operation Smile by giving P100.00 for every little or big thing you buy at any Guess stores.

It is a great thing when multi-billion dollar companies, such as Guess, make such an effort to uplift the lives of unfortunate children with cleft lip and palete.

A big thank you to Mr. Anthony Courchet of Guess and Mr. Bobby Manzano of Operation Smile!

A true to life success story of Chadleen Lacdo-o, who had a cleft lip, operated on by the staff of Operation Smile and now a successful young singer gave us entertainment during the press launch.

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