Thursday, November 19, 2009

Ang Money ni Manny.

I am going to go out and say it. Some people might not like it but I don't care.

Naiinis ako kay Manny.

If it is true about Krista Ranillo and Manny's love affair, naiinis din ako kay Krista!!

Krista, if Manny doesn't have MONEY, will you even agree to have a date with Manny?

Manny, just because you have MONEY doesn't mean Krista wants your love and hot body, it's just the MONEY!

Matty, you are the DADDY of Krista so why would you allow her to do MANNY? Is it because of his MONEY?

Manny may be the greatest boxer but he is not really a cutie!

Manny, Money doesn't last forever, do you think Krista will still be there when you lose your MONEY?

Krista and Manny, you are both just using each other but think about Jinkee and the babies!!

Jinkee loved Manny even when he didn't have MONEY.

Jinkee loved Manny even if he isn't a HOTTIE!


But just to let you know, I watched the fight and rejoiced when he won!

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