Friday, November 20, 2009

Drunken Master and her Adoption.

I am still not in the mood to write about the uber beautiful ESCOLTA, formerly known as Neilsen's. I want to write about it when I have had lunch or dinner there so I have a better view of how the food is.

The guests on the first night were Ambassadors, CEOs, Board of Directors, millionaires, a few celebrities AND of course there's me. Now, how do I fit in in this crowd you may be wondering. To tell you the truth, I don't. I am not any of what I mentioned above. Actually, (I hope he does not read my blog) the E. Chef doesn't really like me, and who knows who else doesn't like me. SCARY thought!

Anyway, I had to go on both nights because partly, I was asked to and the other half is because I was born a freeloader. BWA HA HA HA (most serious and loud evil laugh).

So on the first night I have to admit to you...I WAS DRUNK. With 3 full glasses of champagne that I was forced to drink STRAIGHT UP, I was making a fool out of myself TRYING to ballroom dance with Dennis Lustico. He kept twirling me around while Patrick Yap filled my glass to the brim every chance he gets.

This is how I saw things after my third glass.

I want you to meet my Chinese family. They have adopted me and made me their youngest member of the family. (wink wink)

Now, as part of the family, all I need and want to know is how much is MY share in the family wealth?

Dad, where's my daily allowance???

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