Thursday, December 16, 2010

Answers to the CCContest!!!

Here they are folks!!

If you know you answered an incorrectly in any of the questions, I am sorry. Perhaps you can join again in my next contest.

I apologize for those who stayed up all day and night trying to get the answers. Hopefully, your efforts will pay off.

For those who just passed their answers to their friends, your mistake became theirs. Sayang naman.

My lawyer is reviewing the entries with correct answers and as soon as he gives me the go signal, I will announce the 4 lucky winners.

Thank you so much for being a part of the CCContest.

1. In Vienna, Steffie and I went to the zoo, I had a photo taken and in the background were 2 animals were mating. What animals were they? - Penguins

2. I went to Arezzo, Italy with my Mom, met a Korean businessman who treated us to a fabulous dinner and roses. What is his name? - Sean Lee

3. Lucille, Anne and I went to Cebu for a magazine launch. Because someone commented in my blog about me being _____, I named us three the _____ gang. Fill in the blank. - Snooty Gang

4.Where did AG and I spend our 7th Monthsary dinner? - Cicou

5. In St. Tropez, we went to the beach and I bought a bottle of water. I complained at the price. How much was it? - 18 Euro, P1,160

6. Who was my teenage all-time crush? I have a photo with him, please attach to answer. - Richard Gomez

7. In one of my posts, I have a photo in between 2 bald men. Who are these men and where were we? - Knuth Kiefer and Javier Testa, Martini's.

8.What is the title of my post when I wrote about Rajo Laurel’s car being carnapped? Moet and Chandon, Rouge and my soul sistah.

9. I have a photo where I am with a good friend from Puerto Rico. What is his name and what was the title of the event. -Rey Serrano, Evolution

10. Anne Curtis won a diamond in one of the events that I blogged about. How many carats is the diamond? - 2 carats

11. A designer of everything, I posted a YouTube Link and a photo of my idol’s work, what is his name? - Marc Newson

12. In one of my trips to Chinatown, I saw this shirt that had an angry yet funny saying. What does the shirt say?

"Oh you cruel horrid wretch, to drop the pretty baoy put of the window, vb you barbarous man!"

13. A certain Queen went to LA, met a dozen celebrities including Chace Crawford. Who was wearing a red gown in one of the photos I posted? - Jane Seymour

14. Who will I order my bigas (rice) from now on? Hint: 5 letter word -DAWGS

15. I love posting shoe blogs. But one photo made me puke my lunch out. Please attach a photo of what made me throw up.

16. We had a party at home for my sister’s birthday. I had drunk quite a number of shots! How many did I have and what is the name and complete link of the shots supplier. - 23, Soberclub

17. The Bread of Everlasting Life may be found where and for how much? -Rustan’s P54.25

18. When I was feeling sad and down, I blamed it on the pianist here in Peninsula. He was playing sad and sappy love songs that triggers my suicidal tendencies. Who’s songs was he playing? -Barry Manilow

19. I OD’d on something once but it wasn’t on drugs. Instead it was a birthday party of a very famous celebrity. What is the name of bday celebrant? What is the title of this blog? - Ruffa Gutierrez, Showbiz Overdose

20. I read a book and posted a blog about it. It made my talk with an English accent. It is also where I self-proclaimed a title. What is the book and what did I proclaim myself as? -The Other Boleyn girl, Queen Candifier of Blogspot.

21. Pajama party was a theme for one of my groups’ dinner. What is the name of this group of mine? - Joy Luck Club

22. The last time I was in Bora, we stayed in Sea Wind. It is owned by one of my Dad’s best friend. What is his name? - Tito Boy

23. Who won the Waffle Battle? - Lucille Dizon

24. I posted a photo of a very soggy pizza in one of my trips out of the country. What restaurant were we in? Please attach a photo of the pizza. -Wolfgang Puck

25. I felt somehow connected to 2 doormen of a retail store. Please tell me why. - Because we were all wearing the same shoes.

26. Last year, PQ had an event in Members Only where he had muses. Who was wearing yellow? Please attach a photo. - Divine Lee

27. I wrote a poem for my sister. What is the 5th verse?

For the make up that I chose and you paid for
I want to thank you in advance
I regret not have picked out more
But the huge birthday cake put me in a trance

28. Why was I able to have a FREE 9 course dinner care of Sunshine and Rob Pengson? Please be specific. - Cheffie won the raffle at 50 Must Buys Book launch.

29. In a post where I have photos of my friends and their celebrity look a likes, who is Ginny Dizon’s counterpart? Jamie Rivera

30. How long were the lines to the cashiers when it was the fire sale of Rustan’s? -2 miles

31. There is a photo of a bag where in I said “This ____ is to be HANGED for!!!! Whoever gets me this bag first wins hands down. JUST KIDDING!!!! What is the brand of this bag and please send me photo. - Valentino


Czarina Maye said...

Shiet I have 3 mistakes. Huhuhuhuh. :(

Oh well, there's always a next time. Congrats to the winners! =)

fashioneggpplant said...

Too bad I missed this! You had awesome prizes!