Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Salome's Birthday Blow Out!

My first party of the evening of Dec. 3 was Salome Uy's birthday dinner at Society Lounge. At exactly 7:30 pm, I arrived to the most romantic and girly set up done by event stylist, Ferdi Salvador.

I loved the colors and choice of flowers. It suited Salome's character very well. It was gorgeous.

The birthday celebrant welcomed us in a golden perfection wearing Jul B. Dizon Jewellery earrings.

The theme was 'Bandage" so almost all the ladies came in a Herve Leger creation. A very expensive theme indeed.

I love the giveaways! Each plate had a beaded bangle and a girly tweezer!!!

Salome, looked ravishing!! It was so easy and pleasurable to take photos of her. I can't believe that this girl is celebrating her golden year!!! I want to be just like her when it is my turn. It will be like climbing Mt. Everest but I can dream can't I? In the middle of the evening, she changed into a purple bandage dress and matched it with another Jul B. Dizon Jewellery earrings!

It is such joy to design for this woman because she carries them to utmost perfection!!

To the funniest, wittiest, stylish, kindest and hottest woman I know, Happy Birthday Salome!!!!!!

All the guests were stunning!! Here's Rufina wearing one of my first and favorite creation, flower bangle.

Mary Villanueva.
Janina and Alou Koa.
Ingrid looking hot in pink and Dsquared killer shoes.

Your bloggerina and Alou.

I am sad that I wasn't able to stay throughout the dinner....friends kept calling and texting me to go to the Salon De Ning opening. I am just glad that I was part of Salome's birthday celebration.

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