Thursday, December 2, 2010

Penpals Polka.

After the ball last night, my Party Peeps and I decided to go back to Peninsula to have our midnight snack.

The plan was to order light, because we did just come from the ball after all, was abolished! We ended up ordering a whole lot of food and amazingly, we finished it all, except for Christine's Kare-kare that she took home.

Shame on us right? But then after all the food we ate, we went ahead and dove in one of the seven sins, GLUTTONY.

Check out this Penpals Polka. 19 scoops of assorted flavors of ice cream and sherbet topped with fruits, chocolate syrup, nuts, chocolate wafer sticks, marshmallows and whipped cream with a cherry on top.

No, we failed in finishing it but we didn't let it go to waste because I made Christine take it home!

It's big enough for 15 people so even if it is priced at P1,250.72 net, it only comes out to P83.40 each.

Thank you to our Papa of the night, Jonathan Crook, who took care of us till the last spoon full of ice cream.

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