Friday, December 10, 2010

Rules and Twitter Updates!

Here they are folks!!! The rules of the CCContest! For those I excluded in the contest, please don't send me death threats, I already have enough of them from my sistahs Janina, Lucille, Anne and Ginny. I can only handle 1 death threat at a time.

They are simple enough, so says my lawyer, but to avoid conflicts, I need you to follow them to the dot. Please take note of the additional prize that I posted this morning making the prizes a total of 19!! I will draw lots from all the gifts and group them into three for the 3 uber lucky winners. One companies has agreed to sponsor 2 gifts, which I will split up so that each winner will receive 7 prizes.


1. 18 years and above only.
2. Andreas, Janina, Toby, Ginny, Cedric, CJ, Lucille, Anne, JC, Steffie, Jody, Jacqui, Chad, Toni, my lawyer, Joel, my FFDF (fabulous fashion designer friends) such as Puey, Dennis, James, Ivar and all my ex-boyfriends are NOT allowed to join. I am also disqualifying all my sponsors from joining. Hope you understand.
3. Will post the questions on Dec. 13, Monday, 1:00 pm. Deadline of submission is on Dec. 15, 2010, 6 pm.
4. Only one entry per person. Duplicate senders will be disqualified.
5. Answers must be specific, detailed and emailed to me at with a fabulous photo of yourself.
6. Winners will be announced when answers have been corrected. If you have to wait, WAIT, because I don’t like to be pressured.
7. All certificates may not be converted to cash. Don’t give my sponsors a hard time please.
8. There will be 3 winners-the 8th, 18th and the 28th senders with correct answers.
9. How to claim your prize will be announced when the winner is announced. The winner will have to agree to be photographed for my blog.
10. Open to the entire population of Earth. You must claim your prizes yourself. If you live in Greece, I know that I have at least 10 readers from there, you must come down to Manila and get it yourself! It’s also a good way to promote the Philippines.
11. If someone from another country wins and claims the prize here in Manila, as they should, I promise to be your tour guide.
12. I am the bloggerina, the rules and decision maker. My word is gold.

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Good luck everyone!!!!

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Joan said...

Oh, wow, exciting giveaway! :)