Friday, December 3, 2010

FH Women!

For the FH woman this summer 2011, key pieces of the collection which is huge in Coachella fashion are vintage inspired long dresses, tunics in light weight materials and lace tiered skirts. And because of the hot temperature of the season, one huge trend are denim shorts. From cut-offs to retro shorts in light washed denim materials, these pieces are sure favorites for any summer activity.

Floral and colorful prints are everywhere! Loose fitting jumpers and dresses held around the waist by a basic belt helps define the figure in comfort and form. Head pieces in knots pattern and bags sport floral prints, you’d think it’s the 70’s and the 90’s. Big shades with thick frames in various colors and classic aviator shades are best vintage favorites.

Color palette is inspired by nature. Fresh green, a splash of watery blue, juicy red, vivid orange and unbleached neutral tones give a delicious flavor to all pieces.

I love the fact that this is a local brand. Support the local fashion industry!!! A lot of my friends will receive a FH gift from me this year because I find the clothes fun, easy and stylish.

Overall, the Folded and Hung 2011 Summer Collection is a casual mix of hippie, ethnic, gypsy, grunge and vintage elements with a modern outlook that’s intensely concerned with artistic self-expression that is always sexy in all its forms.

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