Thursday, December 2, 2010

Le Maquillage at Mandarin!

With all the events happening, I am beginning to be a regular in salons. Having my hair, make up and nails done all the time is quite a task. I have to admit, I am a late bloomer when it comes to these things. I used to just put on my own make up, tie my hair in a ponytail or straighten it with an iron and never really bothered to have my nails done.

Since I had my hair treated already, a load has been lifted off my shoulders. My make up, I still have to rely on experts. AG wants my nails colored and long so that means more visits to the parlor.

Good thing that Le Maquillage in Mandarin Oriental is now open. I was there last week to try out the services and I must tell you that the staff are extremely kind and helpful. They did a wonderful job on my nails using OPI which is the manufacturer of the highest quality of nail care products with an extensive collection of colors ranging from the classic to the latest trends in season.

Another thing I love is they offer free wi-fi, always a good thing to us internet addicts. Specialty and gourmet snacks can even be delivered to you from the Mandarin Deli. Getting to the salon could not be any easier with it's prime location in the city PLUS FREE PARKING!!! WOOHOO!!

They have Bridal and Group Packages. Perfect for chika parties!

For prices, bookings and other inquiries, please call 894-0487.

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